The Panelists
Panel on "Open Challenges and Research Directions in the area of Usable Security and Privacy"
Assistant Professor Heather Richter Lipford Assistant Professor Heather Richter Lipford

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Department of Software and Information Systems
Co-Director of the HCI Lab

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Heather Richter Lipford is an Assistant Professor at UNCC. She completed her Ph.D. in May 2005 from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, usable privacy and security, visual analytics and ubiquitous computing. She is co-directing the HCI Lab and is a member of the UNCC Cyber Defense and Network Assurability Center, the Charlotte Visualization Center and the UNCC Cognitive Science Academy.

Professor Sebastian Möller Professor Sebastian Möller

Technische Universität Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Head of the Quality and Usability Lab

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Sebastian Möller received a Doctor-of-Engineering degree at Ruhr-University Bochum in 1999. In 2000, he was a guest scientist at the Institut dalle Molle d'Intélligence Artificielle Perceptive (IDIAP) in Martigny (Switzerland). He works at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU Berlin, since June 2005, was appointed Professor at TU Berlin for the subject "Quality and Usability" in April 2007, and thenceforward heads the "Quality and Usability Lab" at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

Professor Karen Renaud Professor Karen Renaud

University of Glasgow
School of Computing Science

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Karen Renaud studied the transaction management and recovery in multi-database systems and developed a framework which non-invasively tracks Java applications and whose information was used to provide a visualisation of session activity and enhanced feedback for the end-user and application programmer. In 1987 Karen Renaud got to University of South Africa from which she went to the University of Glasgow in 2002, where she launched and coordinates the TRUST research group. She does research into all aspects relating to the usability of security systems. Her particular interest is in authentication, and all alternatives to the common and garden password.

Professor Angela Sasse Professor Angela Sasse

University College London
Department of Computer Science
Human Centred Systems Group
Head of Information Security Group

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Angela Sasse read psychology in Germany and holds an M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology from Sheffield University, and a PhD in Computer Science (on Users' Models) from the University of Birmingham. She worked as a Human Factors Specialist for Philips Corporate Industrial Design in 1990, and started as Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at UCL in November 1990.

Professor Michael Waidner Professor Michael Waidner

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Department of Computer Science
Head of Security in Information Technology-Group

Deputy-Director of CASED

Director of the Fraunhofer Institute SIT Darmstadt

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Michael Waidner made his Doctorate in Computer Science (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Karlsruhe in 1991. From 1994 he worked at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, Switzerland as the Manager of the Security research group at IBM Zurich and he also was Founder and leader of the IBM Privacy Research Institute. In 2006, Michael Waidner went to IBM Corporation, Somers, USA, to become Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer for Security and occupied the Chair (Chief Architect) of the IBM Security Architecture Board. Since 2010 he is Professor for Security in Information Technology at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Director of the Fraunhofer SIT and Depute-Director of CASED. Michael Waidner is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Distinguished Scientist of the ACM.

Impulse Session on "Innovation Roadmap within the EIT ICT Labs: The Usability, Security, and Privacy Perspective"
Doctor Kristiina Karvonen Doctor Kristiina Karvonen

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Research Programme Manager "Future Internet"

Finland ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architectures (FICNIA)

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With a background in telecommunications, cognitive science and the arts, Researcher Dr. Kristiina Karvonen is interested in investigating how people use and experience the Information and Communication Technology. She currently mainly works in the area of usable security, including how human trust translates to online environments and how people can manage their privacy in the world of ubiquitous technology. Besides her academic work, Karvonen has also worked in several companies in the ICT industry as usability consultant since 2001.

Heiko Lehmann Heiko Lehmann

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Process & IT

Heiko Lehmann read Physics at Humboldt University Berlin from 1983-88 and made his Ph.D. in Quantum Statistics in 1991. From 1992 – 1999 he was at the universities of Oxford, Rostock, Humboldt, and was involved in GMD FIRST: quantum statistics, traffic flow modelling, and complex systems. From 1999 to 2006 Heiko Lehmann was working for GEDAS (IT subsidiary of VW) and was involved in telematics, traffic flow modelling, and innovation management. From then, he works for T-Labs in the “Process & IT” department and is occupied with telematics, complexity reduction, Smart Grid, Green ICT.

Professor Milan Petković Professor Milan Petković

Eindhoven University of Technology / Philips Research Laboratories
Secure Data Management

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Milan Petković works as a scientist in Philips Research in the Netherlands where he coordinates research in the domain of information security. He also works as a part-time computer science professor at the Technical University Eindhoven. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Twente. Among his research interests are security, privacy, medical informatics, information management, protection, and computational intelligence. He is an active member of several standardization organizations including Continua Health Alliance and Health Level 7 (HL-7). He organizes the Secure Data Management workshop series, is a member of a number of scientific program committees, and has been participating in several EU projects including universAAL and TClouds. He published more than 50 journal and conference papers as well as more than 10 edited books/monographs including a recent book on Security, Privacy and Trust in Modern Data Management.